Mickey Davis

Passion & Purpose

Photo by Rod Millington

as published in SCENE magazine, Dec. 2014

When passion and purpose come together, great things can be accomplished. For Mickey Davis, those came together when friends who knew her passion for the outdoors, encouraged her to become involved with Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, whose mission is to preserve forever the unique beauty of the land that has drawn people here for hundreds of years. 

“I live outdoors. It was how I grew up, and I wanted that for my kids,” Davis says. “My family lived in the beautiful rolling hills of upstate New York. During my childhood, I’d spend hours outside exploring. I knew every inch of the woods in the land behind my house.” She became involved with Conservation Foundation about 18 months ago, serving on the board and as chair of the development committee. Her family also chose to purchase a 380-acre parcel out east that includes a two mile stretch of the Myakka River, and artifacts from settlement in the 1800s. 

The property has a conservation easement permanently protecting a significant portion of the land from development. “It’s important for me to know that land will always be protected for future generations. I’d encourage anyone considering a conservation easement or donating land to contact Conservation Foundation. The Foundation can use that donation to leverage additional funding to help conserve even more land,” she says. The Foundation has protected nearly 8,600 acres across 31 properties. As a nationally accredited land trust, it protects and preserves the natural integrity of the Gulf Coast’s shorelines and watersheds. This helps ensure water quality, provides critical habitat for plants and animals, and protects natural areas for recreation and relaxation. 

The Foundation recently protected 150 acres adjacent to Robinson Preserve in Manatee County, and Davis says she is enthusiastic about its hopes to conserve natural areas in urban settings, particularly around schools for children’s access, and its focus on watersheds is the vitally important work that ensures good water quality. “I can’t think of a more important cause than protecting our food and water supply and the beauty that people come here to enjoy,” Davis says. “How fortunate we are to have people so committed to saving it.”