Robinson Preserve

Just the Facts

  • 150 acres
  • Land Acquired in 2012
  • Salt marsh, mesic hammock
  • Open to the Public

The Story

Recognizing the popularity of Robinson Preserve and the community demand for more open space, Conservation Foundation pulled together a creative solution to permanently conserve 150 acres slated for residential development, adding it to Robinson Preserve. With a grant from the Mosaic Company Foundation, Conservation Foundation purchased the land and donated it to Manatee County. Manatee County then strengthened the project in a highly unusual way by donating a perpetual conservation easement back to Conservation Foundation. This conservation easement prevents the possibility of surplussing the property for other purposes and ensures that it will always be a natural area park.

Why It Matters

This property is surrounded on three sides by Robinson Preserve, making it a key part of the view through much of the parks trails, paddling creeks, and observation tower. Perhaps most importantly, the conservation of this property prevents the residential development that was planned for the site, protecting the view at the Robinson Preserve and keeping the area wild and scenic. This addition will also greatly expand the Robinson Preserve’s activities, adding several more miles of trails and natural areas, as well as a one-of-a-kind environmental education center and tree-canopy walk.

When we lose mangroves, we lose fish. This is especially true for fish such as tarpon and snook, whose juvenile life stages depend on shallow mangrove habitats. Land conservation often focuses on protecting natural shorelines, however, truly effective conservation also protects large areas up-slope of mangroves. Developed land often channels storm water to the bay, where it rapidly changes the saltwater to freshwater. Unsurprisingly, this harms many organisms that fish eat, and has a negative impact on the overall fish population. Effective land conservation takes a holistic approach that protects our water by protecting our land.

Getting There

Located at 1704 99th Street Northwest, Bradenton, FL 34209

Need to Know

Robinson Preserve is a full-service Manatee County park, free to the public and open daily.

More Information

To learn more about the entire 487-acre preserve and all its recreational amenities, see Robinson Preserve – Manatee County website

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