River Oaks Preserve at Village of Estero

Just the Facts

  • 10 acres surrounding the Estero River
  • Located between several established neighborhoods, at the end of East Broadway in the Village of Estero, Lee County 
  • Home to a diversity of plants and animals rarely found in rapidly developing areas 
  • Public access will be available

Why It Matters

Conservation Foundation is working with the Estero community to permanently protect this piece of "old Florida". The vision for the River Oaks Preserve is to create a natural-area preserve that will provide many community benefits. This protection effort is an opportunity to engage the community in conserving this special place now, and for future generations to come. 

Permanently conserving these 10 acres helps clean the waters of the Estero River as they flow through Estero Preserve State Park, into Estero Bay, the state’s first Aquatic Preserve, and on into the Gulf of Mexico. 

Although the preserve is small, it contains a diversity of native plants and animals that are rarely found in rapidly developing areas. These 10 acres of “old Florida” include pine flatwood uplands which support gopher tortoises, and the heritage oak trees along the river support three species of imperiled air plants.

 The Estero community has asked Conservation Foundation to help them accomplish their goal of protecting these 10 acres of old Florida surrounding the Estero River. Conservation Foundation has until September 2019 to raise the funds to save this property.   Make your pledge now and help make this preserve happen!

Need to Know

 With your support, you join our conservation community and help save this special property and other wild places, forever.  Donate now to protect the lands we love. 

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