Resilient Retreat, LLC

Just the Facts

  • 84 acres permanently protected in October, 2019
  • Conservation Foundation holds the conservation easement, which allows for the development of a retreat for survivors of trauma
  • The property protects the headwaters of Howard Creek which flows into the Myakka River

Why It Matters

Given the property’s prior use as an equestrian center, the site is a mix of rural and natural lands including approximately 52 acres of improved pasture and 32 acres of woodlands and wetlands providing habitat for grassland birds and wading birds with mature oaks trees that support imperiled orchids and air plants.

 The intended use as a retreat center provides access for groups of trauma survivors who will benefit greatly from the natural setting. The permanent conservation easement eliminates the threat of subdivision of the land helping protect the rural character of northeastern Sarasota County.


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