Just the Facts

  •  23.4 acres east of the Celery Fields off Palmer Road in Sarasota County
  • Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast was under contract to purchase this land, protect its unique character forever, and save it from inevitable development.  
  • The total cost is $2.55 million.
  • We are no longer fundraising for Graceland. Please read below.

Why it Matters

The rural heritage landscape around the Celery Fields is imperiled. This unique natural space that plays a vital role for wildlife and recreation may be gone forever if we don’t act now.

Within the view from the Celery Fields you see family farms, fields, and few houses. You also see two community assets: Big Cat Habitat Gulf Coast Sanctuary, and the equestrian center at Graceland that anchor this rural neighborhood.

Graceland is the linchpin to establish a 140-acre wildlife conservation park within a 1,300 acre rural heritage area. This 23.4-acre parcel of land is already contributing to our community’s quality of life. Graceland provides habitat for wildlife in forested wetlands as well as recreational opportunities like therapeutic horseback riding and outdoor activities for our youth. This rural heritage area serves as an attractor for visitors and as an amenity for those who live, work and play in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. 

Want more details? Check out our FAQs. Download the map below.

Sadly, Conservation Foundation did not meet the initial goal of raising $650,000 in community donations by June 30. Although we raised more than $46,240 from generous supporters in the community, this represented only 7% of our goal.

If you made a donation, you have the option to allow your gift to go towards other Conservation Foundation projects that save land and unique places in perpetuity. Or, you may request a full refund.  Click on the button below to make your choice.