Pine Island Flatwoods Preserve

Just the Facts

  • 190 acres
  • Land acquired in 2011
  • Mesic pine flatwoods, freshwater marshes, mangrove swamp, mesic hammock
  • Owned and Managed by Lee County
  • Access limited to certain areas

The Story

Conservation Foundation assisted Lee County in acquiring 190 acres as an addition to its Pine Island Flatwoods Preserve, which now totals over 900 acres. Conservation Foundation worked closely with the landowner, who had previously conserved 230 acres at Pine Island Preserve at Matlacha Pass, in order to purchase this property using Lee County Conservation 20/20 funding.

Why It Matters

This addition to Pine Island Flatwoods Preserve expands the County ownership to the east side of Stingfellow Road and extends through a mangrove forest out to Matlacha Pass. Together with CFGC’s Pine Island Preserve at Matacha Pass, and land owned by Calusa Land Trust, this forms a 567-acre complex of conservation lands on the east side of Stringfellow Road. Large conservation areas such as these are needed if we are to sustain the fish and wildlife that make our communities unique. For example, the eastern indigo snakes (non-venomous) found on Pine Island are known be far ranging, with territories around 640 acres in size.

Getting There

Pine Island Flatwoods Preserve has public access on the western portion of the County-owned land. At this time there is no access to the Bayside portion. However, public trails are to be opened in connection with the development and opening of Conservation Foundation’s Pine Island Preserve.

Need to Know

For directions, hours, rules, and more information visit the Lee County website.

More Information

Lee County Conservation 20/20
Calusa Land Trust

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