Murphy Marsh

Just the Facts

  • 543 acres permanently protected in July, 2019
  • The U.S. Dept of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service holds the conservation easement.
  • Western 2/3 of property are wetlands known as the Tatum Sawgrass marsh; to the west is a mix of forested wetlands and upland pasture; 400 feet on the Myakka River

Why It Matters

The northern reaches of the Myakka River watershed in Manatee County are irreplaceable natural and ranching lands. Protecting these large tracts of private property is critical to the quality of the water that flows off these properties into the Myakka River and through the 40+ miles of protected lands that buffer the river before it flows into the Charlotte Harbor estuary. Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast completed the permanent protection of the 543-acre Murphy Marsh property in July, 2019.

The 543-acre Murphy Marsh property in Manatee County is a critical missing link within 110,000+ acres of conservation lands known as the "Myakka Island." This property connects two Myakka River conservation areas, the 1,143-acre Triangle Ranch and the 1,250-acre Lettuce Lakes property.  Conserving Murphy Marsh will enable the restoration of the Tatum Sawgrass marsh, an area three times the size of Lake Myakka, significantly increasing habitat for animals and reducing flooding downstream.  Saving Murphy Marsh will  expand our protection of the Myakka River into eastern Manatee County, protect vulnerable uplands from development, and maintain the community's rural character. See map.

Need to Know

Protecting Murphy Marsh opens the way for the restoration of the Tatum Sawgrass and its reconnection to the Myakka River, benefiting the river's water quality, biodiversity and improving flood protection. Help us continue to protect other critical natural lands now with your gift to Conservation Foundation.



Photo above by Glenn Gardner....G2photos

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