Your Impact

Your Impact

WE NEED OUR WILD PLACES...and not only for the basics of water, oxygen, and food. Wild places offer us a place to get away from the stressed-out, super-paced world of today. Wild places give kids the ultimate place to play, explore, and learn about themselves and their world.

18,300 acres across 47 properties are protected because of you and others like you, who care about our lands, waters, and way of life. This adds up to nearly 29 square miles of protected land that provides for kids and grown-ups, wildlife and waterways. 

The yield is abundant -  historic ranch lands, hiking trails, kayak landings, water access for swimming and fishing, and safe drinking water.  And these lands provide the landscape for imperiled animals like the gopher tortoise, nesting spots for eagles and osprey, and connective greenways for bobcats and Florida panthers.

2000+ kids have experienced the joy and bliss of nature through our Youth in Nature program for at-risk youth. And new experiences for  kids in the general public are in the works through Nature Explorers. Both programs comprise our Next Gen Conservation initiative, Conservation Foundation's commitment to youth engagement and education. 

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