Land Conservation

17,888 acres across 45 properties are protected because of you and others like you, who care about our lands, waters, and way of life. This adds up to nearly 28 square miles of land that provides for kids and grown-ups, wildlife and waterways. 

The yield is abundant -  historic ranch lands, hiking trails, kayak landings, water access for swimming and fishing, and safe drinking water.  And these lands provide the landscape for imperiled animals like the gopher tortoise, nesting spots for eagles and osprey, and connective greenways for bobcats and Florida panthers.

Where's your next impact?

Learn more about our current initiatives:

If you live in Manatee County, vote FOR the Water and land Referendum on the November 3 ballot.  Learn the facts and help protect our cherished places forever!

The Celery Fields Quad Parcels, Bobby Jones Golf Club, Venice Urban ForestRiver Oaks Preserve at Village of Estero, and Myakka Island Conservation Corridor. 


Look where you've already made a difference!

Orange Hammock Ranch was protected forever in May, 2020! The Florida Department of Environmental Protection collaborated with Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast and purchased this 5,777-acre natural gem.

In May, 2020,  the 27.8-acre Felts Audubon Preserve  in Palmetto, Manatee County, was protected with a conservation easement. 

In October 2019, 84 acres were permanently protected and the new owner, Resilient Retreat, LLC, is establishing a treatment center for victims of trauma.   

In July 2019, the 543-acre Murphy Marsh was permanently protected within the Manatee County Myakka River watershed region.

In April 2019, Conservation Foundation purchased 37.8 acres in Manatee County within the Myakka River watershed. The Tatum Sawgrass Scrub Preserve is connected to the Tatum Sawgrass marsh, a conservation priority area.

In October 2018,  Conservation Foundation announced its expansion of protected habitat for the endangered Florida panther with the agreement for a 1,512-acre conservation easement on Pepper Ranch Preserve in northern Collier County. The conserved land is owned by Collier County government who contracted the lands' permanent protection to the Conservation Foundation.

In July 2018,  Conservation Foundation became the owner of 91 acres of land conservation holdings from The Myakka Conservancy.  Visit Tatum Sawgrass Conservation Area and Upper Myakka Preserve to learn more.

In June 2018, Conservation Foundation assisted the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in the successful conservation of the 56-acre Coral Creek Peninsula. 

In May 2018,  Conservation Foundation oversaw the successful permanent conservation of  43.82 acres on the Braden River, named the Floyd C. Johnson & Flo Singer Johnson Preserve at Braden River.


For a complete list of places protected forever and current projects, visit Protected Places and Conservation Initiatives. You can also click on a region of the map below (A - Manatee River, B - Coastal Bays, C - Myakka River, D - Charlotte Harbor)  or a property number to discover many treasured places.

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