Manasota Scrub Preserve

Just the Facts

  • 14 acres
  • Land acquired in 2009 and 2012
  • Scrub, Scrubby Flatwoods, basin swamp
  • Owned and managed by Sarasota County
  • Open to the Public

The Story

During its tenure as the acquisition agent for Sarasota County renowned Environmentally Sensitive Lands Protection Program (ESLPP), Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast facilitated the protection of rare and imperiled habitat lands including two additions to the Manasota Scrub Preserve.

Why It Matters

Located within a suburban community, protection of these two small properties is an important part of the 154-acre preserve providing an opportunity for visitors to see a microcosm of old Florida habitats and wildlife. Florida’s scrubby natural areas are home to some of the most unique and imperiled of all Florida Wildlife, including the Florida scrub jay and gopher tortoise. This preserve maintains habitats for these rare wildlife species, who might otherwise become extinct. At the same time, conservation also provides a superb opportunity for Englewood residents to enjoy the outdoors.

The Florida scrub jay is a very unique bird, found nowhere else in the world. Less than 40% of Florida’s scrub still exists, and populations statewide have declined 80-90% over the last century. This includes Sarasota County, where populations within Oscar Scherer State Park and elsewhere have been steadily decreasing, and are nearing localized extinction.

Getting There

The property is located at 2695 Bridge St., Englewood, west of Englewood Road (SR 776).

Need to Know

For directions, hours, rules, and more information visit the Sarasota County website.

More Information

Manasota Scrub Preserve – Sarasota County Parks
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