Manasota Key Conservation Area

Just the Facts

  • 0.69 acres
  • Conservation easement donated 2006
  • Maritime hammock, coastal strand & beach
  • Privately owned; easement held by Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast
  • No public access

The Story

Conservation Easements are a creative and flexible way to permanently protect land. Conservation Foundation received the donation of its first conservation easement in 2006 when the Buffum family, owners of the Manasota Beach Club on Manasota Key, decided to sell one of their beach houses, along with the beautiful coastal woodlands surrounding it. In order to ensure the protection of the beautiful woods and limit the size of the house, the Buffums donated the conservation easement prior to selling. This enabled the Buffums to protect something they loved, even after they no longer owned it. Conservation Foundation continues to work with each new owner of the property to ensure that they too understand the special resources on site and how they can continue to enjoy their beach house and the land under the terms of the conservation easement.

Why It Matters

This conservation easement protects some of the last remaining maritime hammocks in our region.

Maritime hammocks are shady oak and palm forests that only occur near saltwater. Originally found throughout Florida’s barrier islands and lining our bays, most maritime hammocks have been converted to housing, and fewer than 35% still remain in southwest Florida.

More Information

Maritime Hammock
Beach Dune, Coastal Strand and Maritime Hammock

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