Casey Key Conservation Area

Just the Facts

  • 0.7 acres
  • Conservation Easement acquired in 2001
  • Coastal dune and beach
  • Privately owned; conservation easement held by CFGC
  • No public access

The Story

In order to protect the beach and nesting sea turtles that they loved so much, the landowners placed a conservation easement on this beachfront property to permanently protect it from further development. It was originally acquired by The Nature Conservancy in 2001. In 2006 ownership of this easement and its stewardship responsibilities were transferred to Conservation Foundation in recognition of our local knowledge and connections.

Why It Matters

Sarasota County has the highest density of loggerhead sea turtles nesting on Florida’s west coast. Casey Key is a favored spot for the turtles as it has less development, beach obstacles, artificial light and other hazards for nesting. It is not easy being a sea turtle today, but conservation easements such as this one can help ensure that there will always be a safe place for some of them.

More Information

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