Our core values are our basic fundamental beliefs that guide and motivate us, and help us make tough choices and decisions. We demonstrate leadership in land conservation throughout our region by adhering to the following core values.

INTEGRITY – We will conduct ourselves in an honest, transparent, and ethical manner. We will follow through in our pursuit of honorable initiatives.

CREDIBILITY – Our word is our bond and our brand. We will speak truthfully and work with partners that do too.

COMMUNITY – We are community-minded and community-driven, listening to the communities we serve so that we better understand their needs.

INCLUSIVITY - We will actively welcome all in our community to join us, benefit from, and engage in our vision and mission, treating all people fairly and equally. We embrace diversity and equity, ensuring all voices are heard and have access to nature.

STEWARDSHIP – We will take special care of the land we own, in fee and easements. Likewise, we will take special care of the people that are responsible for our mission: donors, volunteers, and staff.

PERPETUITY – We save land forever and everything we do is with an eye to forever. We will ensure that we have the resources necessary to be here forever.

SUSTAINABILITY – We will ensure our sustainability through our environmental practices, economic viability, and social responsibility.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY– We employ financial management practices that build stability and flexibility to deliver our mission. We will report on our fiscal standing in an open and transparent manner.

COLLABORATIVE – We believe we can achieve together what may not be possible alone. We will bring our collaborative culture and strategy to all that we do.

DEDICATED – We will stay true to our mission, doggedly pursuing our vision.

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