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We envision a future where the human and natural worlds of Southwest Florida flourish together.

Generations to come will experience the rich natural bounty of our land and waters and develop personal connections to this place we love. Our Strategic Plan shares our road map for achieving our vision.


Our core values are the basic fundamental beliefs that guide and motivate us, and help us make tough choices and decisions. We demonstrate leadership in land conservation throughout our region by adhering to the following core values.  Click here.


Our mission is to protect the land and water in Southwest Florida for the benefit of people and nature.

Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast works with you to save land, forever, preserving those special natural lands that shape our cultural heritage, make our region extraordinary, and our quality of life superb. More than 18,300 acres across 47 properties are protected because of you and others like you, who care about our lands, waters, and way of life. This adds up to nearly 29 square miles of protected land that provides for kids and grown-ups, wildlife and waterways. 

We partner with landowners, businesses, and government to preserve the environmental excellence of our lands and waters in Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, and Collier Counties. 


In Nature there is a fundamental unity running through all the diversity we see about us.

Mahatma Gandhi, 1924

At Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, we protect land and water for the benefit of people and nature. We believe people of every skin color, religion, gender identity, orientation, and economic status should be able to experience the benefits of public open space equitably. Nature should be a safe and welcoming refuge for everyone.

Acts of violence against people of color are antithetical to the community-centered values of our organization, and justice for our fellow community members is essential to strengthening our resilience in the face of climate change. Just as we are trusted with the stewardship of our shared lands, so too must we safeguard those with whom we share these places, and rally against oppression wherever it occurs.

Our vision for the human and natural worlds of Southwest Florida to flourish together remains out of reach if our communities cannot flourish together first. We commit to doing our part to bring diversity and inclusion not just to the great outdoors, but to everything we do.



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