Moving in the Landscape: Visible/Invisible

August 11, 2018
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Conservation Foundation is delighted to host artists Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel H. Dugas at Bay Preserve as Artists-in-Residence during July and August, 2018. In addition to their August 4th public presentation, they are offering an exclusive 3-hour workshop for 5 to 7 participants on Saturday, August 11. 

This color keying workshop is an exercise in visual composition and will offer opportunities to discuss evidence of human passage in the natural landscape and the footprint left behind. Through the use of color keying software, LeBlanc and Dugas will demonstrate the creation of an ‘almost’ invisible passage through a natural area. During the editing process, each participant will have access to the workshop footage to try out effects.

Participants are encouraged to bring along their own laptops.  

Registration is limited to  5-7 artists. If interested, contact Sam Valentin.

About the Artists in Residence

LeBlanc and Dugas have worked collaboratively on media projects, performances, and writing since 1990.  They each continue to carry out individual creative projects as well. While the range of their individual works varies according to social, economic and philosophical concerns, their collaborations, often carry an ecological focus.

The two have exhibited and presented widely throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Their Flow: Big Waters website of video poems and soundwalks is based on their residency in the Everglades National Park in 2014. This year, they launched EVERGLADES, the book version of the project. Since 2014, they have returned to South Florida many times to present and to further research natural environments and human interventions. In 2017, they began their OASIS residency at the Deering Estate. Recently completed, the project has evolved into a series of two-channel video programs and plans for installation settings. 

Follow their residency (July|August 2018) on their blog Caretta Caretta.

 Learn more about Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel H. Dugas 


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